The candle of hope

It´s the first Sunday of advent:


Lighting the first candle on this peaceful morning in the mountain, before heading off on a long drive… It´s time for a change!

Keeping it simple

 I´m having a slow Saturday… playing with Hyacinths… mindfully making the first little decorations for the month ahead. Using my senses. How do these little beauties smell? What is the texture?


Always keeping it simple.


Did somebody say Friday?

Music is such a great way to set the mood! On a Friday afternoon I never get enough of this catchy song by Nils Noa feat. Vinni… Besides, the nature scenes in this video are beautiful as well:

Smile and enjoy the weekend!

It´s Scandinavian

 It´s about time to include glimpses from the world of interiors that I´m really passionate about:


This week my head is wrapped around Scandinavian design. Work consists of depicting beautiful rooms for a great Norwegian company. In my spare time I plan the new interiors in the house we are refurbishing. The house was built in 1960 and we´re conscious about caring for its original design and architecture. At the same time we aim to give it an individual, relaxed and modern look.



I´m very influenced by the work of the Danish architect, interior and industrial designer Finn Juhl, most known for his furniture design. His book and these photos are a source of inspiration.


Back then, there was a celebration of colors. Green is a favorite of mine, and that´s no wonder: Green is the color of balance and harmony. It contains the powerful energies of nature, and creates equilibrium between the head and the heart. From a color psychology perspective, green also means learning, growth and freedom to pursue new ideas.


It´s the simplicity of this bright Scandinavian style that appeals to me. I like how the wood and the organic materials, as well as the minimalistic whites in combination with hues of colors, bring a lot of warmth to the rooms.


We had been working on our house for 10 years when the storm swept the roof away and caused a major water leak in March. It was no fun at all. But now we finally see the end of the entire project. In January we´ll move back in. I hope you will enjoy some glimpses as we go along!

Your elusive creative genius

I watched this great TED-talk by “Eat, Pray, Love” author Elizabeth Gilbert for the first time early this morning, and recognize myself in huge parts of the creative process that she describes:

For instance, ten minutes into the video Elizabeth tells a funny story about an author being chased by a poem, and says she also experiences that “Work or ideas come through me from a source that I honestly can not identify. And what is that thing?”

 I relate to my post last week when I told you about all these a-ha moments in my dreams, and how I run like a speeding bullet so the ideas won´t slip my mind…

It´s interesting how Elizabeth explains how people in ancient Greece and Rome looked at creativity in a different way.

 I find it liberating to listen to her. Watching a 18 minutes long TED-talk early in the morning is a nice way to kick start the day. There´s writers, scientists, artists, inventors, doctors and others from all of over the world talking about topics of interest.

On a week like this, when I have a list as long as my arm of decisions to make and things to do, they even inspire me to trust my instincts and fully live the dream.

And I guess that´s exactly what Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk aims to do: To help artists manage the emotional risks that often come hand-in-hand with creativity.

Don´t be afraid. Do your dance.