Merry Christmas!

Sending lots of love for the days ahead:


The tree is decorated, the gifts are wrapped and I feel like the jolliest girl, all excited about this beautiful white Christmas! There is something superspecial about the mountain right now. The snow adds a layer of magic around the cabin. It may sound a bit contrived, but it´s like the surroundings are taken straight out of a Christmas movie.


This year Stig and I will celebrate Christmas Eve right here together with his nice family. We both have families with strong traditions, and that makes me feel incredible blessed and grateful these days.

During the holiday I plan to spend time with those close to my heart. Many of my friends are back in town on vacation. I intend to cook, read and ski as well. This is where I mindfully will put my focus.

Christmas is also about a state of mind. It´s about gratitude and hope. Reflection and joy. Giving and kindness. Presence.

To me, that is the heart of this season.

Now: May your days sparkle with moments of love and laughter.

Merry Christmas to you!

The Snowman

 This makes me feel all Christmassy:

Precious memories in the little things.


The thrills!

Today I´m in my happy element:


I´ve been skiing since I was shorter than a ski pole, and those turns still make me feel like a kid!


The skiresort Fjellsetra/ The Alps of Sunnmøre offers unique off-piste experiences. I am very fortunate to live slopeside for some months…


No matter how many times I´ve seen these snow-capped mountains, I don´t get tired of the view.



White Christmas it is

What a voice this Italian tenor has:

Today is all about preparing for a white Christmas. While I do it I listen to Andrea Bocelli. I love the old classic songs, which are very special because they are passed down from generation to generation, and instantly elicit great nostalgia and fond memories.

Holiday hooray

Oh joy! It´s Friday afternoon before Christmas:


I just took these photos outside the cabin where I´m sitting. The snow keeps falling!

My holiday starts right here, right now – and it feels amazing. To complete a piece of work on time, right before a holiday, brings on a whole lot of satisfaction!


Now I will pull myself a glass of wine, put on some cheerful Christmas carols, plan and prepare the next few days, which after all will be a nice run up… before that true Christmas holiday spirit kicks in!

HaPpY wEeKeNd!