Take a Mindful Hike

At 9 PM:


In a field of cloudberry flowers, I pause. Only to cherish this long Norwegian summer evening. Feel the sun. Just be.


I awaken my senses. Touch, smell, sound and sight. If I was busy with talk or thought, would I then feel the calmness?


A swarm of flies circle around my head. Going for eyes, nose, ears. Around here, they´re on every hiker´s lips these days. The bzzzzz sound can easily dominate any walk.


I observe my mind. Can I redirect my attention? Can I choose my reaction to what is?


As I turn to my breath, I focus. Watch my knee bend. Feel my feet touching the ground. The flies still buzz. It´s ok.


Present in the moment, step by step.

-Hiking Mt. Borgundkollen/ Sykkylven/ Norway-