Today´s Talk: Mindfulness



Today, in beautiful mountainous surroundings, I held my first speech about Mindfulness.

I was invited by the Occupational Health Services (Bedriftshelsetjenesten) to give an introduction to mindfulness, and to share my story.


To me, mindfulness is a way of seeing, a way of living, which brings with it inner peace and focus.

I emphasized how I´m dedicated to practice, every day. Then I gave examples of how I do it. How I bring awareness to my senses and to my breathing. How I like to spend time in nature, fully engage in my activities and embrace positive attitudes.

By focusing on the here and now, I don´t easily get caught up in my thoughts and emotions. In such ways, mindfulness helps me deal with stress.

I really enjoyed giving this speech.

Thanks for having me!

At Orreneset/ Sykkylven/ Norway.

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One Breath

When lost in clouds of thoughts:


I´m a soft silhouette in the windy night, searching for something steady. Something calm, no pity, judgements nor doubts.


Feelings are flowing through my body, my mind finding unexpected turns.


Then one breath.

One moment.


Attending this present moment, best I can.

Mt. Sandvikshornet/ Sykkylven/ Norway.

Mindful Wonder

Change of seasons:


A sense of déjà vu is sweeping over me, as I´m stopping halfway down the alley. I cannot tell if it is the colors, the shapes or the sounds. It might be the leaves. How fresh the nuts smell.


 With a childlike wonder I´m connecting with my senses. Using my fingertips. Breathing in. Savoring this moment, before setting off across the grass, noticing how every sound is petering into silence.


Reminding me of how peaceful and simple life can be.


And the rawness of it.


 In a split second there is action.

Wild food for free.


Everything is evolving naturally.

The flow of life, my stream of consciousness.


Progress is impossible without change.


Does anything ever stay the same?

With a sense of wonder at Tennøya/ Haram/ Norway, October 2015.