Join me for a day of Mindfulness



(The local newspaper published an article about the courses this weekend. Click to enlarge)


You´ll learn ways to increase focus, presence and inner calm. Mindfulness is for all times and situations. It´s a nurturing practice for body and mind.

Read more about my mindfulness courses in Norwegian here – and in English here.


Teaching Mindfulness

This weekend I tutored a full Mindfulness Course in this old house:


Berlihuset, Sykkylven/ Norway

An important part of the course is learning that there is peace in the present moment. Being mindful is a choice you make, a liberating option just to be here, not be dwelling in the past or worrying about the future.

In mindfulness meditation sessions indoors we focus mainly on the awareness of our body and breathing, to which we return each time the mind wanders off.

Outdoors, we open up to the sounds of nature. The waves of the ocean, the flapping of wings, the crunchy snow underfoot.

As we let our senses fill our awareness, we do as best we can in letting difficult emotions and stressful thoughts drift away.

The course also covers topics such as acceptance and patience, letting go of uneasiness. It offers simple and achievable ways to embody mindfulness, which you can bring into your daily life.

Mindfulness is simple, but requires practice.

Would you like to learn mindfulness with me? Then please read about my courses here – and get in touch!