I´m Hanne – a Norwegian writer and mindfulness instructor.

This is where I share my passion for nature and a mindful, healthy lifestyle.

Mindfulness meditation changed my life after struggling with chronic migraine for many years. Please take a few minutes to read my story in Norwegian here. (I will translate it eventually.) Because of this, I developed a great interest in mind-body interactions.

Mindfulness is about investigating and learning to understand. It´s also about awareness and acceptance in the moment. And that – just that – is a powerful way of silencing the mind from stress and clutter, which can have tremendous effects on pain and worries. Anyone can benefit. Mindfulness is a simple tool, but it takes willingness and practice.

My hometown Sykkylven is located on the west coast of Norway, surrounded by easy accessible fjords, valleys, glaciers and mountains. I feel fortunate to live in such a stunning landscape and I’m dedicated to take advantage of it. There is no doubt that nature strengthens my body, mind and spirit.

I hope you enjoy my everyday glimpses, as well as my interviews with some of the inspiring people I meet, read about and who somehow influence my outlook on life.

Most of my blog posts are written in English because I like to stay in touch with my friends abroad, and being able to reach out to as many people as possible. Hey – it´s the World Wide Web, right?

All feedback is highly appreciated.

With love,

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